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What to see and to do in Zaragoza

Zaragoza is perfect for shorts stays, strategically located at 300km of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Let Zaragoza seduce you!

Enjoy the hospitality and open mind of this bimillenary city, in which Iberians, Romans, Muslims, Jewish and Christians left an important legacy:

  • Pilar Plaza and surroundings

In one of the biggest pedestrian places in Europe, stands Our-Lay-of-the Pilar Basilica, a Baroque jewel and one of the World’s greatest Marian pilgrimage.

  • The Seo church and Mudejar Art

Build upon the Great Mosque of the ancient Muslim city, this church is a peculiar mix of styles, from Romanesque to Neoclassic. But what really makes this building special is the presence of Aragonese Mudejar Art elements (particularly one of the exterior walls), which were designated as “World Heritage” by UNESCO. It also shelters the Museum of Tapestry.

  • The Aljaferia Palace

This is one of the most important monuments of the Spanish Muslim architecture. Erected in the 11th century, this magnificent building was the fortress of the monarchs of the Muslim Saraqusta in the moment of its apogee, then the palace of the Catholics Kings until the 16th century. It was a prison during the Inquisition, a military fort in the 18th century, and, after its restoration fifty years ago, it is currently the seat of the Aragonese Parliament (« las Cortes »). As a curiosity, Guiseppe Verdi located the action of its famous opera “Il Trovatore” in the Aljaferia, more precisely in one of its towers (la « Torre del Trovador »).

  • Traditionnal and Avant Garde gastronomy

Enjoy the festive and convivial atmosphere of the Tubo District, taste the « tapas » and other local dishes in its many bars and restaurants. Savor the sweet side of Zaragoza through its typical confectionery, its delicious patisserie, and a long Chocolate tradition.

  • Culture and entertainment

Concerts and festivals take place all year long: Asalto (Urban Art), Danza Trayectos (Dance in urban spaces), Jazz Festival, Vive Latino, flamenco, classic music, Saraqusta Film Festival, Ecocine, Zinentiendo…

  • The Pilar Feasts (mid-October) and the Holy Week (Easter) in Zaragoza

These 2 festivals have been declared “International Tourist Interest”.

  • Aragonese Art Geniuses : Goya, Gargallo and Serrano

Among the many museums of the city, here is where you can contemplate the of these 3 geniuses:
Goya, the most universal Aragonese painter, at the Goya Museum (Ibercaja – Camón Aznar Collection) and in the Zaragoza Museum.
Pablo Gargallo, painter and sculptor of the 20th century, at the Palace of the Counts of Argillo.
Pablo Serrano, painter and sculptor of the 20th century, at the Aragonese Institute of Contemporary Art and Culture.

  • Circuit of Caesaraugusta

Discover the political center and the main public buildings of the Roman city, named after Emperor Caesar Augustus. Experience antique history in these museums: the Forum, the Theatre, the public Baths and the River Port.

The cultural offer is completed by the Lonja (a beautiful Renaissance building next to the Pilar, for temporary exhibitions), the Zaragoza Museum (Aragonese archeology and Art), the Museum of Natural Sciences of Zaragoza University, the Alma Mater Museum (a collection of religious Art), The CaixaForum (for temporary exhibitions), and also these 2 surprising galleries: the Museum of Fire and Firefighters, and the School-Museum of Origami, the first in Europe dedicated to the art of paper folding.

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